Lucy Coe Returns to Port Charles

Lucy Coe Returns to Port Charles

Lynn Herring reprises her role of Lucy Coe on ‘General Hospital’

If you watched “General Hospital” during the late eighties and nineties, you must recall who the character of Lucy Coe is. She is the dynamic character who had her hands in many fires on the show. She was married to many of the prominent men on the show including: Dr. Tony Jones, Dr. Alan Quartermane, Scott Baldwin and her last love, Dr. Kevin Collins.

Lucy began as a mousy librarian, who was being used as an alibi in a murder case. This caused her to write a tell-all-book and change her appearance all together, as well as her attitude. She became the sexy Lucy Coe the audience loved. She also began attracting men.

During this time, she also had several miscarriages, before she became a surrogate mother for Dominique and Scotty. This is how Serena Baldwin was born.  

She is also noted for being the lady who was in charge of the annual Nurses Ball. This was an annual fictional event that the residents of Port Charles put on to raise money for the awareness of AIDS. They began doing this after Stone Kates died from the disease. This is also the reason why Lucy is coming back to town. One of the newest nurses at General Hospital, Sabrina, wants to put the ball on again in honor of Robin Drake, who supposedly passed away recently. Stone was her teenage boyfriend.

Yet, we all know the character of Lucy and her past. We also know how brilliant the writers are at “General Hospital.” For these reasons, it is already a given that the character of Lucy will be doing more than hosting an awards show. She is sure to be getting into some of the chaos that is currently happening in Port Charles or creating some new chaos, on her own.

This viewer can’t wait to see what happens. Reports say that we can begin enjoying the character of Lucy once again in December of this year on “General Hospital."