Rumors of upcoming episodes of ‘General Hospital’

Rumors of upcoming episodes of ‘General Hospital’

October 22, 2012: ‘General Hospital’ sneak peek

It is going to be a big and sad week on “General Hospital” starting on October 22, 2012. The show will begin with the death of Jason. Will we see his body? Will he fall into the harbor? That is something viewers do not know yet.

Viewers do know that the actor, who plays Jason Morgan, Steve Burton, has chosen to leave the show and pursue other things. He also wanted to spend more time with his family. This could mean that the character will stay dead for a while. If the body is not found, the character could show up again. The character could even be played by a new actor. As fans of this show know, if one dies by falling into the harbor, the person may resurface at any given moment.

The rumors do state that those who love Jason will grieve. This grief will push Michael into wanting a more active role in his father’s business. It will also vow Sam into making sure her baby has no role with the mob.

Halloween approaches in Port Charles. Halloween brings Anna two offers for a date. It also prompts a Halloween party on the Haunted Starr. Michael asks Starr to attend the party with him.

Lulu and Dante consider the idea of adopting a child. During this time, Dante’s mother, Olivia, has another vision. This vision is once again about Heather. Will people pay attention to her this time? For some reason, the people around her aren’t taking her visions seriously, even though most of them are coming true.

What will occur on Halloween? Will the truth come about Duke? The truth is that he is truly Duke. Yet, he is hiding many secrets, many evil ones.