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Will e-Readers Soon Replace Textbooks?

When I first began hearing of Kindle and other e-readers, I was excited at the potential they had, both for personal users and the education industry.  While it may seem a laughable matter, all those heavy books kids carry around have been proven to have ill effects on back and shoulders.  When did our education system get so complicated that we have to risk our kids bodies to help enhance their minds?

Many textbooks have been published on Kindle, and more are coming each year.  This is exciting because it allows our kids, particularly those in college, to ease the load of textbooks while at the same time drastically reduce paper waste.

If more schools and colleges were to adopt Kindle-ready textbooks, we could see huge implications in our environment and in the health of our kids.  Imagine going to school with a single device that could hold all of the textbooks for the entire year and weigh in at less than a pound!

I have had a Kindle for about two years now, and it revolutionized the way I read.  I went from maybe reading one book a year to one book a week, for a while at least.  They are so easy to read from, so versatile, and so very portable.

When my kids are ready for school, the first thing they will get is their own Kindle to learn with.  All of the information they need can be stored in that single device, and I hope schools and colleges will continue the trend of embracing this technology for all of the benefits it can offer.