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Ashton Kutcher Cheats On Demi During Wedding Anniversary, Sneaks Ads Onto Two And A Half Men

The juiciest story of the week, or perhaps the entire month, has to be Ashton Kutcher’s continuing antics.  In addition to hitting Two and a Half Men’s post-Charlie Sheen season premiere out of the park, Kutcher cheated on his wife and managed to sneak free advertisements into his new show.  All things considered, it was a busy month for Ashton Kutcher.

News of Kutcher’s cheating ways first hit the press last Sept. when Star magazine reported his supposed affair with a 21-year-old brunette.  Soon after, Radar Online identified the woman as Brittney Jones.  According to the website the pair hooked up on the couch in the house that Kutcher and Demi Moore share.

If the details regarding Kutcher’s philandering were a little fuzzy, they are now solidified.  On Sept. 26 The first broke the news of Kutcher’s new affair with Sara Leal, a 23-year old.  Since then the New York Post confirmed the story, reporting that Leal is asking $250,000 for her story or an even higher payoff to remain silent.  The Post also reported the gritty details of the affair, including the fact that it took place on the same night as his sixth wedding anniversary.

So far Kutcher and Moore have remained relatively silent.  Two cryptic tweets are the only clues as to the couple’s feelings.  First, on Sept. 26 Moore tweeted a picture of herself with her eyes closed with the description “I see through you…”  Then, on Sept. 29 Ashton tweeted “When you ASSUME to know that which you know nothing of you make an AS* out of U and ME.”

As if cheating on his wife, the exceedingly and astoundingly beautiful Demi Moore, on his sixth wedding anniversary wasn’t enough; Kutcher got himself in hot water with CBS over unauthorized advertisements in Two and a Half Men.  According to E! Online, during Kutcher’s second episode on the series he managed to sneak advertisements onto his character’s laptop.  Various stickers on Kutcher’s laptop promote social media websites such as Foursquare, Flipboard and GroupMe.  It just so happens that Kutcher has financial interests in all of the companies featured.

CBS seems peeved but not particularly interested in punishing Kutcher.  A representative from the network told E! “This was not part of any advertising transaction with CBS,” continuing “Our policy is to disclose such financial interests in a credit at the end of the broadcast.”

Although Kutcher’s behavior might seem unsavory, he is nowhere near the insane behavior of Charlie Sheen.