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Rumors and spoilers for ‘General Hospital’

‘General Hospital’ rumors during Halloween week

The week will start on a sad note as the news of Jason’s death continues to spread across Port Charles. Yet, as this news is spreading, some viewers may be stunned to learn that A.J. Quartermane, Jason’s biological brother and Michael’s biological father is still alive.

How did he survive his death and why has Monica been hiding this truth all of these years? Plus, will his stunning return from the dead mean that soon more supposedly dead Quartermanes will be resurfacing, namely Alan Senior?

Speaking of rising from the dead, this week marks the return of Robin. At least, she can call home, after she escapes from the hospital in Switzerland. Emma is the one who answers the call. This means that chances are that nobody will believe the child.

Lulu throws a Halloween party at the Haunted Starr. Many of the town residents will be attending the party. Maxie asks Spineli to be her date. She has decided that Spineli may be her Mac and wants to pursue a relationship with him. She has even asked Matt for a divorce. However, now Spineli is seeing Elie, who is nice, smart and a brain match for Spineli. Who will he choose?

Anna has her hands full with two men. Luke wants to continue their relationship and her husband Duke, who has also resurfaced from the dead, wants to continue their relationship. Luke believes that Duke is up to no good. The viewers know this is true since he is the one who shot and possibly killed Jason. However, Anna doesn’t know about Duke’s evil side, yet. She is caught in the memories of the past and confused about her present.

Carly and Todd spend Halloween together as they take her daughter trick or treating. As they become closer, he fears that she will learn about his true involvement in the baby switch, as well as the fact that he is hiding the fact that the baby is really Jason’s.

The nurses’ ball is going to be held again. Sabrina decides that it would be a great honor to Robin.